The Business

Alan's Taxis of Dawlish, was bought by the current owners in 2003. The company has successfully built up a large customer base and has attracted a reputation for being a caring and professional business in the Dawlish area and far beyond.

Alan's Taxis is now in its fifteenth year and is a self-confessed OLD SCHOOL business and as such, prides itself on the care and respect of the elderly and disabled alike. Based in Dawlish, we try, at all times, to be there either on time or just before and have a reputation for always arriving with a clean and tidy vehicle, fit for the purpose and well maintained.




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The Owners

Peter and Mary Ridler have been partners in various ventures over the past thirty years: Director and Secretary of an Exeter based recycling business and in the mid eighties, both were involved in a unique specialist environmental and advisory service to the poultry industry, involving travels to Southern Ireland for two years and eighteen months in Scotland. From January 1990, Peter and Mary were running an insurance intermediary business in Dawlish and this kept them busy for over ten years